What We Do

At Cross+Morse we aim to fulfil all industry demands, from the simplest to the highest level of precision required. Our objective is to offer a complete solution - not just products - to your power transmission challenges.

Our scope is very extensive and it includes the entire range of Power Transmission products such as:

  • Roller chains in British and ANSI standards in simplex and multistrand versions, from 6mm to 21/2” pitch. A complete stock line of sprocket s and platewheels to compliment our roller chains, both for British standard and ANSI, including taper lock sprockets, simplex, duplex and triplex sprockets, double simplex and idler sprockets. A full range of taper lock bushes, weld-on hubs, linear and rotary tensioners complement the range.
  • Our standard stainless steel chains are manufactured in both 304 and 316 grade steels for high corrosion resistance. Available from stock to British standard from 8mm to 11/4” pitch in simplex and multistrand and to ANSI standard from 1/4” to 1” simplex. Aquaproof (AP) and electroless nickel plated chains are also available.
  • We offer a large range of standard attachments such as K & M plates and extended pins for standard roller chains, including stainless steel chain components, all stocked in part assembled condition to enable prompt delivery of adapted chain. Bespoke attachment designs are also manufactured in-house. Straight-side plate, extended pitch, metric pitch and special design chains complete our extensive range of roller chains.
  • A complete stock range of classical pulleys in XL, L and H, in steel, aluminium and cast iron depending on the size, in pilot and taper bore form with an extensive range of classical timing belts for a complete solution. Cross+Morse HTD pulleys are available in 3M, 5M, 8M and 14M pitch sizes, in pilot and taper bore form in a wide range of tooth sizes and widths from stock to suit all standard widths HTD belts. We also stock polyurethane belts in T2.5, T5, T10, AT5 and AT10 sizes and a complete range of pulleys in pilot bore form for a complete drive solution.
  • Cross+Morse stock high quality fine cast balanced V-Belt pulleys finished with phosphate coating for SPA, SPB, SPC and SPZ belts finished bored for taper bushes.
  • A comprehensive range of standard stock gears: Bevel and mitre gears in imperial dimensions to (DP) and in metric pitch (Mod.); as well as a wide range of spur gears and straight racks for low cost conversion of rotary to linear motion.
  • The original design torque limiter in imperial dimensions, also available as a roller chain flexible coupling, and the complete stock line of metric torque limiters for a wider torque range - also available with a roller chain coupling for shaft to shaft connection.
  • We pride ourselves in offering a complete range of overload protection devices ranging from the simplest to the most accurate and precise overload clutch: + Sheargard range of overload clutches, wedge pin type, available as a chain coupling and the option of low inertia rubber elastic couplings for higher speed drives. + The Crossgard range, ball detent type, comes in 3 versions and also available with roller chain and low inertia rubber coupling option. + The Safegard CS series, ball/roller detent type, comes in 2 two basic types (standard or mini) and also available as shaft couplings. + Series CZ and CN zero backlash Safegard clutches for responsive overload protection, available in both basic and shaft coupling types.
  • Shaft clamping elements for precision transmission of torque with no backlash: a complete range from stock.
  • Our range of Freewheel clutches for overrunning, indexing and backstopping applications; including sprag clutches, industrial ratchet freewheels, roller ramp clutches, combined sprag and bearing units and many more.
  • Cross+Morse is the largest authorised distributor and stockist for American transmission products manufactured by Regal-Beloit (formerly EPT) in the United Kingdom. The range includes Sealmaster®, Browning®, Jaure®, Kop-Flex®, McGill® and Morse®.
  • Inverted tooth chain: including the standard SC type from 3/16” to 2” pitch and HV type from 3/8” to 2” pitch; as well as conveyor chains up to 12” width in centre or outside guide construction. We manufacture standard and special sprockets in-house for a complete drive solution.
  • We offer a wide stock range of flexible shaft couplings to accommodate different types of misalignment: Jaw couplings, elastomeric couplings, roller and Delrin® chain couplings, gear couplings GFA & GFAS, polymer gear couplings, Morflex elastomeric disc couplings and Crossflex disc couplings.
  • Our Crossbore® rework service includes reboring, keywaying and setscrewing of standard sprockets, pulleys and gears in a dedicated production area with specialised CNC machines for a rapid response. Induction hardening of teeth is also offered in-house.
  • Bespoke components manufactured - please visit our ‘Custom Made’ page for detailed information.