Gear Couplings GFA/GFAS Series

Gear Couplings GFA/GFAS Series

Gear Couplings GFA/GFAS Series

GFA and GFAS Gear Couplings

Coupling types GFA and GFAS are designed for heavy industrial applications, providing a torsionally stiff connection of shafts which can accommodate angular and parallel misalignment and axial movement.

Gear Couplings GFA Series

The GFA coupling consists of two hardened steel hubs with external crowned and barrelled gear teeth, connected by a hardened steel sleeve with matching gear teeth.

The hub teeth are positioned a maximum distance apart to minimise angular and parallel misalignment. The double articulation in the GFA series permits high misalignment.

Gear Couplings GFAS Series

The GFAS coupling has only one hub with external teeth, which connects to a sleeve with integral hub, to reduce weight and inertia. This series provides a stiffer connection, particularly suited to cardan shaft applications.

Hubs and sleeves are produced from high strength steel (800N/mm2 tensile strength) with chemical surface-hardening to enhance wear and corrosion resistance, and avoid seizure. All teeth are to DIN 3992 Class 7 accuracy, with surface finish 1.4m Ra.

Lubrication is retained by sprung loaded seals which also prevent ingress of contaminants to ensure long operating life. Re-lubrication is via two grub screws positioned on the sleeve.