Side view of a shaft coupling

Shaft Couplings

Cross+Morse offers the following types of flexible shaft couplings which can cater for the requirements of most types of drive installation.

'GE' Series Couplings Low Backlash Jaw Couplings

Equally suited to horizontal or vertical shaft applications, providing positive power transmission and absorbing torsional, vibration and impact loads.

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'L' Series Couplings Elastomeric Jaw Couplings

A uniquely simple design combined with misalignment capability and maximum economy.

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'KE' Series Couplings Heavy-duty Elastomeric Jaw Couplings

General purpose flexible coupling fully interchangeable with standard couplings frequently used throughout the industry.

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Roller Chain and Delrin© Chain Couplings LRC/LNC

The LRC coupling provides ease of installation and minimum maintenance with high capacity and moderate angular and parallel shaft misalignment. The LNC Delrin® coupling is corrosion resistant, quiet and does not need lubrication.

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Gear Couplings GFA/GFAS Series

Designed for heavy industrial applications, provides a torsionally stiff connection of shafts which can accommodate angular and parallel misalignment and axial movement.

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Morflex Elastomeric Disc Drive Couplings

Designed for applications where considerable misalignment is expected, it also cushions shock loads and absorbs vibration.

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Crossflex Disc Couplings

This coupling provides reliable and accurate transmission of mechanical power with low maintenance and no lubrication.

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