Side view of a torque limiter

Torque Limiters

The torque limiter is a protective device that limits torque transmitted in a drive system by slipping when a preset value is exceeded as a result of shock load, overload or machine jam. It automatically re-engages when the overload is removed, no setting being required. Torque is transmitted by spring loaded friction faces, the value being preset by adjustment of the spring force by simple setting of the adjustment of the nuts and bolts. 

It's suitable to use with

  • sprockets
  • Gears
  • pulleys or
  • a flange plate as the centre member clamped between the friction facings.

Our low cost protection devices range includes:

  • the original Torque limiters for an economical and durable solution and 
  • the Sheargard range for more accurate torque control and shaft synchronisation.

Torque Limiters Couplings

The Torque Limiter coupling combines overload protection with ability to connect in-line shafts. The unit consists of a standard Torque Limiter and platewheel connected to a special coupling sprocket by duplex roller chain.

The original series torque limiters and spares based on Imperial dimensions and a new range of metric torque limiters providing both smaller and larger units. Both series are available with a roller chain coupling.

Available in eleven standard sizes, they are easy assembly units providing protection and reliability.

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Sheargard Clutches and Couplings

The Sheargard clutch uses shearpin wedges to provide total disengagement of driving and driven members in the event of an overload, it is suitable for high torques with a compact, low inertia unit. Available as a roller chain coupling and rubber elastic couplings.

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