Shaft clamping elements RCK range

Shaft Clamping Elements

Cross Shaft Clamping Elements, by means of frictional forces, provide connection of all types of transmission equipment to their respective shafts, enabling transmission of both torque and axial thrust loads. Precision tapered thrust cones within the clamping elements create high pressure between shaft and hub to securely fasten pulleys, sprockets, gears, etc.

Clamping Elements Type RCK 15/13/16

Designed for use with standarised ranges of pulleys, sprockets and gears, with Standard General Purpose.

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Clamping Elements Type RCK 70/71: High Torque Units

These units are designed to give optimum concentricity.

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Clamping Elements Type RCK 80 ACE 81

These units are designed minimum/small axial space and bore selection.

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Stainless Steel Shaft Clamping Elements

Cross+Morse offers a new range of Stainless Steel Shaft Clamping Elements.

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