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Timing Belt Pulleys

About High Torque Drive (HTD) Timing Belts

The HTD series of belts provide the ideal solution for most drives. Totally interchangeable with other deep profile belts, they are available in 4 pitch sizes:

  • 3mm (3M)
  • 5mm (5M)
  • 8mm (8M)
  • 14mm (14M)

Standard drives are suitable for applications from fractional kW up to 250kW power rating.

HTD Pulleys are manufactured to close tolerances to ensure concentric running, and have precision generated gear teeth to match the high power and speed capabilities of HTD drive belts.

The Metric Series HTD Belt Drives

Demands for ever increasing powers and speeds led to the introduction of a Metric Series of High Torque Drive Belts, using a parabolic tooth profile to enable increased tooth contact between belt and pulley. The new tooth profile has improved shear stress resistance, increased power capacity and reduced noise levels. Pirelli introduced the RPP belt with an indentation at the top of the teeth, to allow local elastic deformation during meshing with pulley, and easier air discharge to further reduce noise levels. Cross and Morse combine RPP belts with standard metric pulleys to provide off-shelf drives in 4 pitches; 3mm (3M), 5mm (5M), 8mm (8M), and 14mm (14M). Further development created RPP Silver Belts in 8mm (8S) and 14mm (14S) pitch with double power capacity; and RPP Gold Belts in 8mm (8G) and 14mm (14G) pitch with treble capacity; both still operating on standard metric pulleys allowing full interchangeability with existing drives. Drives up to 800 KW can now be transmitted.

Double Sided Metric Belts

Double-sided belts have teeth equally constructed on each side of the belt, which enables them to mesh with toothed pulleys on both the inside and outside. The construction of the belts is basically the same as standard Metric belts, except that the nylon facing is also on the backing teeth, enabling full torque transmission from each side of the belt.Standard Double sided belts are available in three sizes, 5M, 8M, and 14M, all operating on standard HTD pulleys.

HTD Timing Pulleys

Only high quality materials are used for pulley manufacture; aluminium being selected for 3M and larger 5M pulleys to keep weight and inertia low; all other pulleys machined from medium carbon steel bar or 260 Grade cast iron and finished with zinc phosphate for corrosion protection. Standard pulleys are offered with a large range of tooth sizes in widths to suit all standard HTD belts. Pulleys for 5M, 8M and 14M drives are available with parallel pilot bore for reworking to customers requirements , bored for shaft clamping elements, or with taper bore to be combined with stock taper bushes for the complete off the shelf drive. Pulleys of non-standard widths or numbers of teeth can be supplied to order, or teeth can be generated on customer's own blanks.