Roller Ramp Clutch with Ball Bearings AGF/AGFN

Roller Ramp Clutch with Ball Bearings AGF/AGFN

Roller Ramp Clutch with Ball Bearings AGF/AGFN

AGF and AGFN freewheels contain their own bearings, to centre inner and outer races. The outer race is tapped to enable fitting of a range of standard end flanges, but can equally be adapted to fit gears,or other driven equipment to suit special applications. Combination with standard end flanges or flexible couplings provides complete unit, with its own lubrication, enabling easy fitting to drive equipment.

Roller Ramp Clutch with Ball Bearings AGF/AGFN

The AGF Freewheels can be used with special flanges providing these axially locate the bearings. All standard flanges include oil seals for retention of lubricant, but the clutches can be run within an oil filled transmission case without seals.

Type AGFN incorporates a keyway in the outer race for torque transmission, enabling simple connection of gears, sprockets and pulleys.

Combination of AGF Series roller ramp clutches with a selection of end flanges

Provides a versatile range of clutches complete with own bearing support and integral lubrication system. Flanges can be combined as required to suit most applications, the following combinations being most common.

AGF-F1-F2 is most popular combination, enabling easy mounting of pulley, sprocket or gear on outer race. F2 flange enables re-lubrication.

AGF-F2-F7 is designed to enable connection of flexible couplings and universal joints. Can also be used to locate on m/c frame as backstop. In this application F4 cover could be used instead of F2 plate-ref. p. 12.

AGFN-F5-F6 enables simple fitting of gears, sprockets, pulleys, etc. with positive drive through key on outer race.

Type AGF Clutch assembled with Torque Arm End Flange

The combination of an AGF series roller ramp clutch with F3 and F2/F4 flanges provide a unit complete with support bearing and its own integral lubrication system. The units are primarily intended for backstop applications, but can also be used as reciprocating arm on indexing applications.