Clamping Elements Type RCK 40/45/10/12/61

Clamping Elements Type RCK 40/45/10-12/61

Clamping Elements Type RCK 40/45/10-12/61

Clamping Elements Type RCK 40/45/10-12/61

Compact and very compact small versatile units.

Clamping Elements Type RCK 40

These are the original type of shaft clamping elements, proven in a wide range of applications for more than 20 years. Suited to more general applications, this series provides medium torque transmission, which can be increased by mounting the unit in series. This type does not provide self centring, and therefore other methods of centring the hub to the shaft are required. The units do not move axially during clamping and generally self-release when clamping screws are relaxed.

Clamping Elements Type RCK 10 to 12

These shaft clamping elements provide maximum torque transmission from a single unit, but, due to their large clamping surfaces clamping pressures are kept to reasonable levels. The design enables automatic centring between shaft and hub, and axial positioning of the hub does not change during clamping. Suitable for applications with high bending loads.

Clamping Elements Type RCK 45

These clamping elements provide good torque transmission from a compact, low cost assembly. These units must always be installed inside the hub, and will then provide a reasonable level of concentricity. A small axial movement of the hub occurs during clamping.

Clamping Elements Type RCK 61

Available for shaft diameters from 10mm, these clamping elements are designed for small low torque applications, providing concentric connection of components to shafting. The thin wall design combined with low hub pressures enable use within small hub diameters. The design is intended that the units fit totally within the hub bore to provide safe surface. Some axial movement will occur when the units are clamped.